What is Tree Health to CC’s Trees?

The idea of Tree Health is very similar to the idea of your personal health. Just as you select a health care provider for your health checks, it is as vital to select a well-educated and experienced Tree Care Professional to provide the best care possible for your trees. Listed are some of the principles and practices from the EPA and the International Society of Arboriculture we have adopted.

Proper Tree & Placement

Healthy tree management begins when you decide what species of Tree to plant; some are pest or disease resistant. Placement should be intentional. Does the tree have a function? Avoid obstacles. Selecting the right species for the space is a very effective and economical approach to healthy trees.

Healthy Growing Conditions

To be healthy, you need essential nutrients and vitamins that your get through diet, water and the environment. Equally, trees need certain soil conditions and adequate environmental influences such as: sunlight, water, heat or wind to be healthy. Certain trees do better in alkaline clay soils while others prefer lower pH or sandy soils.


At the heart of effective Tree Health Management, is monitoring. A Tree Professional is familiar with tree species, disease, potential pests, and the life cycle of those pests. Monitoring allows for pests to be treated early, minimizing damage to the tree.


It is important to properly identify the primary pest or disease damaging the tree. Treating the secondary pest only, will not help your tree. An incorrect diagnosis results in costly, ineffective treatments that can be counterproductive, resulting in untimely tree death with costly removal fees.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Often improving the health of a tree through other practices will be more effective than any chemical treatment. Practices such as soil improvements, pruning, or changing irrigation will effectively restore a trees vigor.


Treatments may be required in conjunction with healthy growing conditions and IPMs. A treatment plan will be implemented to improve conditions and treatments delivered with the least environmental impact while effectively controlling the targeted pest and/or disease.

We provide the professional, comprehensive and knowledgeable service you want for your trees. We offer an economical, effective and environmental sensitive approach to Tree Health Management.